You can be Jewish, but you must call Judaism’s homeland a racist and white supremacist ethnostate.

You can be Jewish, but you must never go there, never support any business with ties to there, never involve yourself with any organization with connections there...
you must disavow family and friends there, defend violence against its people, and must encourage violence in the form of intifadas and terrorism.

You can be Jewish, but you must comply with our rules, our third rails, our definition of AntiSemitism.
You can be Jewish, but your Magen David and yarmulke can be seen as oppressive to some people, so that’s a non-starter. You can be Jewish, but you cannot claim to be a unique ethnicity or marginalized culture because your appearance allows you privilege.
You can be Jewish, but do not talk about Jews of color, Jews from the Middle East or Africa, because that does not agree with my narrative.
You can be Jewish, but you must every day denounce war crimes and offenses by a government 3,000 miles away. You can be Jewish...
But you must vote for who I say is the best candidate, and the party I say is the best. Anything less will not be tolerated.

You can be Jewish, but never bring up any unfairness you face in society, for there are those who have it much worse than you.
You can be Jewish and be against Jew hatred, but you can only acknowledge this hatred when it comes from one side of the political aisle. You can only acknowledge hatred against your people when it benefits my worldview.
I will not listen to your story. I will not listen to why your family survived, how your family survived, and what that means for you. I will not educate myself on your people’s history or culture, and why they care so much about things that don’t make sense to me.
Your culture will not be tolerated at Pride marches, on my college campus, in foreign policy decision rooms. If you are attacked on the street, it does not warrant my activism or attention.
I will deny you kosher food, pressure you to resign from student governments, and condemn you for standing up for your people. And if you so dare to criticize me, I will call you every disgusting thing I have already called your homeland.
This is antisemitism on the Left. It’s getting louder.

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