1) This is my #Qanon thread for December 6, 2019

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My Theme: Think Timing
2) Q posted links to twitter accounts that all shared the same article on the same day.

Panic in DC?

Think Timing
3) The New York Times posted a link to an article claiming Anthony Comello, the accused killer of a New York mob boss, was a Q follower.

4) The Times tried to make a connection to the alleged killer and Q with this statement:

"At one court appearance, Mr. Comello scrawled on his hand a symbol and phrases associated with the far-right conspiracy theory, 'QAnon.'”
5) Will Sommer posted the same story.

6) Julia Harte asked if merely being a Q follower makes one legally insane.
7) Philip Bump from WaPo posted the article. https://twitter.com/pbump/status/1202989929153871872
8) So did Samuel Oakford from Politico. https://twitter.com/samueloakford/status/1202975001634385922
9) Ali Watkins wrote the story.

10) Mike Mcintyre [New York Times] posted the story. https://twitter.com/mmcintire/status/1202942304568381441
11) Justin Hendrix wanted in on the fun.

12) Conspiracy hunter Thomas Huchon posted the story. https://twitter.com/ThomasHuchon/status/1202925597686665216
13) As did Peter Daou.

14) Yahoo News posted the story. https://twitter.com/YahooNews/status/1202996314008686592
15) Adam Goldman [NY Times] posted the story. https://twitter.com/adamgoldmanNYT/status/1202926356121759744
16) And Mark Pitcavage posted the story. https://twitter.com/egavactip/status/1203039747272261635
17) What are the odds that all these people would post a link to this article on the same day?


18) Q wrote: "Think timing."

The DOJ IG report on FISA abuse is due out on Monday.
Are the media afraid that Q and his followers will be proven right by the Horowitz report?
Are they trying to create a narrative ahead of the release of the IG report?
19) There is little proof that Anthony Comello is actually a Q follower.
But even if he was, is there proof that a belief in Q is what drove him to commit an act of violence?

What other beliefs does he have?
How do those beliefs influence his actions?
20) For more than a year, the media have tried to prove a cause and effect relationship between acts of violence and following Q but no such relationship exists. Not one perpetrator of a violent act has attributed their behavior to following Q.
21) Do people actually believe those responsible for the attempted coup of a duly elected sitting US President will go unpunished?
22) The last time Q posted this image, (in September 2018) he wrote: "Coming 'VERY SOON' to a theater near you."
23) This image posted today reads "IN THEATERS NOW."

Think timing.
24) Politicians often accuse others of the crimes they're guilty of.

Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden and Mitt Romney all have questionable connections to Ukraine.

They might want to accuse POTUS of crimes related to Ukraine to draw attention away from themselves.
27) “The Storm will be BIBLICAL” 😎

H/T @JuliansRum 👊
28) I missed JJ McNab as one of people who posted the link to the New York Times article. (She had previously blocked me).

29) There's been debate about the meaning of [D][1-6] in Q's Nov 19 post about Adam Schiff's 4-step plan to impeach POTUS.

Q settled the debate.
[D][1-6] indicated the 6 shootings that have occurred since the post.
37) @KingstonChurch3 posted a video of police in Kong Kong as they overpowered unarmed citizens.

Link: https://twitter.com/KingstonChurch3/status/1203332761542520832
38) When citizens are unable to defend themselves, tyrannical leaders can enslave them.

Democrat politicians want to take away our guns so they can enforce their will upon us.

Do mass shootings provide a manufactured opportunity for them to argue their case?
39) Q's link points to a website with information about the declaration of independence.
41) The disclosure of the date of the release of the IG report (the 9th) was intended to get the deep state to expend ammunition (which they did in the form of mass shootings). They can only trigger so many events without causing suspicion.
43) Because manifestos of shooters were posted on 8chan, the media demanded that the website be shut down.

Why are there no demands that Twitter be shut down?

Who are they really trying to silence?
44) Politicians, the mainstream media and select members of the alternative media are controlled by state-backed intel agencies like the CI_A and Mossad (MOS).

So are assets like Jeffrey Epstein.
45) Jeffrey Epstein apparently thought that because he was backed by a state intel agency, he was untouchable.
46) @Sun_Q_Tzu's thread discusses alternative media personalities who function as controlled opposition to Q and POTUS. https://twitter.com/Sun_Q_Tzu/status/1203356555007139841
48) Q posted a link to a tweet by @WWG1WGA_Every1
49) Apparently, Drudge is also controlled opposition.

50) It's become apparent that U.S politicians have been sending taxpayer money to Ukraine in the form of aid and then funneling it back into their own pockets through various corrupt methods, one of which was the scheme used by Biden family.
52) The exposure of corruption in Ukraine is causing politicians and Soros to panic.
54) Eric Prince & General Flynn have information on corrupt people or as Q says, they "know where the bodies are buried."

Last year, Q said Rudy has info on bad actors which is why the media and politicians are panicking over his investigation of corruption in Ukraine
55) Why has Barack Obama helped in the attempt to remove Donald Trump from office?

Many of us know the answer but the public will also know the answer soon.
56) When we reject the official narratives of the media and do our own research, we discover the truth.
57) The exposure of corrupt politicians and a dishonest press will lead to a worldwide awakening.
58) After Elizabeth Warren was proven to have lied about being of Native American descent, to save face, she apologized.
59) Warren lied about being Native American, no doubt, to give her a better chance of getting into Harvard which would qualify her to become a paid shill of the deep state.
60) @KarmaTrumps was Q'd for this video.
63) H/T @illdiscourse
64) Tonight, @WattersWorld will interview a political science professor about #Qanon.
65) Even though the professor will have a negatively biased presentation, the overall effect will be to put more eyes on Q.
66) Shhhh 🤫
67) I didn't mention it on the post above, but this image taken near the Pearl Harbor memorial is relevant since today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
68) Q posted a picture of Adam Schiff's family and a comment from a follower who was glad to see Schiff's son wearing a Mossad t-shirt.
70) Is Adam Schiff controlled by Mossad?
71) Does MSM protect select members of Congress?
What prevents news agencies from making up stories?
Are the media protected from lawsuits?
Who passed the legislation?
Did Hugh Hefner work for CI_A?
What service did he provide?
What is a honeypot?
How are politicians controlled?
72) Does the clown agency control Chuck Schumer (CS)?
73) Part 1 of @JesseBWatters interview about #Qanon
74) Part 2 of @JesseBWatters interview about #Qanon
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