#kiribaku fantasy au. This'll be my first fanfic to go on Twitter.
- G A Y
- NSFW (at some point)
- strong language and possibly slurs
Alright, now that's over with, let's go!
The people in the valley had feared what unfathomably monstrous creature lived in their mountains. Fire reigned over forest and smoke replaced once sunny skies. For many years the villagers, trapped in the valley that had once been so peaceful, were in to great of fear to even
speculate what horrors lay at the top of those peaks.
Katsuki had never been a well liked man, and most often his reputation preceded him and never once gave him an opportunity for something other than aggrivated small talk at pubs, for the common folk were too wary to speak
to him at length. The townsfolk of the city Katsuki had taken up temporary residence in began to tell tales of monsters in the mountains on the horizon, horrid creatures that would sooner tear you limb for limb for their own enjoyment than grant you the mercy of eating you whole.
These rumors were the first new stories told 'round fires in an age, and Katsuki decided one evening that he would be the heroine of such tales, if there were truly monsters on the slopes, then Katsuki would find them. And end them. He would no longer be 'the barbarian king'.
No, he would be stronger, and people would look at him with admiration in place of dread. Katsuki declared then and there that he would demolish these mountain terrors, as he stood from the fire and told him he was mad, that nothing was truly up there, but none tried to stop him.
Katsuki was going, and he would come back victorious.
Little did he know, his victory would not be the kind he'd imagined
(Yo, just wanted to say that this here is sorta just a prelude, because it's the middle of the night and I don't wanna lose this fic idea before I can write it cuz it's a good one I promise. Anyways, to be continued...)
(hi, me again, just adding that this thread had absolutely nothing in it planned, a concept yeeted itself at me a three am and I wasn't willing to get out of bed to jot it down so I tweeted it and I might redo this whole thing)
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