Can I just say: Kid Rock isn’t important enough to have his drunk tirade be reported as real fucking news. I’m a black woman from the south who grew up in a single parent household, and I dedicated my BOOK to Oprah. Why do y’all keep making idiotic men news???
This is both about me and not about me. Kid Rock hasn’t had a hit in YEARS and black women do amazing AMAZING shit every day and we still have to hear about the untalented fuck ups who shit on the people we aspire to be. Fuck them. I don’t care what he ever does.
Can you imagine how infuriating it is to be a black woman in 2019 and be told to care what sentient meth called Oprah at his undersold show where he performed one of three hits from 20 years ago????????
I watched Watchmen ep. 6 last night.
Also I refuse to talk about him on What a Day unless I get to call him sentient meth. And since I doubt I can, I am repeating it here.
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