1/4 A few links to share for folks at #LOAM19 who heard frm the #ResilienceRevolution crew yest @HSBLACKPOOL @researchIP @dez_holmes @SusannahBowyer

Downloadable #Resilience Framework inc in a range of languages such as the Polish one Laura mentioned https://www.boingboing.org.uk/resilience/resilient-therapy-resilience-framework/
3/4 Our joint response to DfE consultation on #Resilience & character, highlighting our concerns https://www.boingboing.org.uk/joint-response-department-education-consultation/

Links to loads of #coproduced resources inc Kinship Care pack & schools mental health guide https://www.boingboing.org.uk/resilience/resources-getting-hold-stuff/

#LOAM19 #ResilienceRevolution
4/4 Link to the collaborative 2020 Conference in #Blackpool next September https://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/rr2020/ 

The #ResilienceRevolution Manifesto calling us all to take actions to address the inequalities impacting on mental health https://sites.google.com/seaside.blackpool.org.uk/mock/get-involved/rr-manefesto

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