My views (entirely my own and personal) on the farcical #MaharashtraGovtFormation are, perhaps, best captured by the following 2 tweets among others. There cannot be an iota of doubt that what #ShivSena has done is unconscionable and the #MahaVikasAghadi is one of the most
2/n unprincipled and opportunistic alignments in the political history of India. Naturally, having been an unapologetic supporter of Narendra Modi and the new BJP, I am disappointed like many others of my ilk. I’d be the last man standing to support 3/n #Maharashtra
3/n any Dynastic Party built purely on the edifice of family greed, exploitation and opportunism. Nor is one setback enough to shake my confidence in the #Modi- #Shah leadership and waver in my support. However, as a lone-ranger who has been consistent in his opinion #Maharashtra
4/n about @narendramodi’s vision and leadership - without any desire for personal or professional favour/gain - one would be, IMHO, failing the leader and cause if she/he doesn’t raise pertinent questions at the right time. For, the last 6 years faced lot of derision and 5/n
5/n barbs from family, friends, co-workers for what is inevitably labelled as “Modi-Bhakti”. It would not be difficult for me to withstand similar criticism from those who have been part of the journey and luminaries of RW thought leadership. But, if it comes to a point 6/n
6/n my intellectual integrity is questioned - I would draw my line. Since, I have always been my own man (and often paid the price for it) and never anyone’s proxy. Nearing the close of my regular working life - I expect no favours from anyone. So, I’d happily say adieu 7/n
7/n to political tweeting - if it mixes up my personal and professional life with it. Finally, the following tweet will indicate - why, if an unholy-axis like that of #Maharashtra if replicated in other states of India - it will reinforce my support for @narendramodi and #BJP
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