Part of the population is living in a false reality and one of the safest ways to wake them is to expose them to increasingly ridiculous stories/events until they figure it out on their own.

Last year I made an educated guess that Trump/Q would use an attack with elements of absurdity to slowly help people wake up and shift from one reality to another. I believe many of the stories we’re seeing are ‘tweaked’ to add ridiculous elements to them
When you remember the number of sealed indictments + high profile resignations then it’s clear that many people were paid a visit by white hats a loooong time ago. How much of the media might Trump already control? Is the Smith Mundt act being used to slowly shift reality?
And what about other stories clearly beyond Q/Trump’s control that fit my theory of ‘death by absurdity’? (pushing the news to extremes to expose it as fake or pushing a belief to it’s extremes to expose it’s flaws).
How are so many happening at the same time? God? The Matrix?
I’ve been collecting examples of recent stories that are ridiculous or ‘over the top’. We all know how hard it is to change someone’s mind, but if a person witnesses a belief of theirs forced to it’s extreme they might gain a fresh perspective and rethink their position.
And how do you get people to slowly realize that Trump is dead serious when he says Fake News?

Humor helps.

When stories become more and more ridiculous eventually EVERYONE starts to question what’s going on.
Browse the rest of these screenshots and tell me if you see a pattern.

Which ones are influenced or forced by Q? Which are ‘natural’? If all timelines are converging and aligning towards the Great Awakening then this may just be the way it happens naturally.
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