Should I buy an electric car now or wait until my gas guzzler dies? I am not an expert in this but some things are obvious and easily checked. First up, about half the CO2 of a conventional car comes from manufacture, half from fuel. /1
An electric car takes more CO2 to manufacture. In the UK, about one third of our electricity does not liberate CO2 but this third is offset by the extra CO2 cost of an electric car. So CO2 is not a reason to change your car. Keep the gas guzzler until it dies. /2
Using electric cars produces less air pollution than fossil fuelled cars, all of it at the power station not the road side. In the UK 10,000 people a year die from air pollution so, if you have the money, get rid of the gas guzzler. /3
As electric car manufacturing and electricity production become more green, the benefits of switching to an electric car will increase but when electricity is completely green, never change your car, never by a new one, repair and recycle the old ones! /4
If it is necessary to sell new cars, sell them to young people. If cars become autonomous then hire the car for the times you need it and let the car be used by other people. /5
Live in high density cities with good public transport. /End
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