Straight black men are the weakest link

A #SinisterSaturdays thread
The attack on straight black men wears pretentious garments that claim to be fighting for black women. Goes far as saying straight black men are the white men of black people. In a world where white men controls instruments of oppression suffered by blacks, black men is diversion
So instead of confronting the oppression, turn your attention to the straight black men. That way, the problem never gets solved, because we do not want it to be solved. Do the same thing with violent crime. Leave the perpetrators alone, hide them behind their gender
Because violent crime isn’t what we tryna solve. We just want to use it to lynch these straight black men. So we tour reality to find incidents where a straight black men is a perpetrator and exploit the victim’s plight to sensitize the world against these straight black men
Attack their masculinity by systematically prefixing it toxic whenever an opportunity arises. Make their masculinity undesirable then start discouraging parents from “assigning” gender naturally. Leave it to our intersectionality theory to decide how people should gender selves
Amend Sociology literature at universities to start teaching students to view being a straight black man as a problem. Guide these creatures to volunteer themselves away from being straight, or at least emasculate themselves. Do not let opportunity pass by. Be persistent
Herr are a few examples you can apply in your quest to weed societu of straight black men. 1) Irrationally escalate incidents of rape and murder of women by straight black men. Ignore such incidents when the victim is a straight black man or when the perpetrator isnt straight
Crime stats will obviously contradict this campaign. Ignore them. Ignore even cases where mothers murder their children. That’s not the problem we tryna solve. We are tryna solve the problem of straight black men. That problem is their meer existence
2) Attack the institution of marriage where straight black men are involved. Start disseminating weak theses of how marriage only benefits men. Systematically lie about how the black culture oppresses women in marriage. Take trivial issues and magnify them wherever man at fault
3) Always hide the devil in the detail. When a woman says she isn’t a victim of abuse, apply intellectual dribbles explaining why victims are unlikely to publicly admit. Case in point is Ipeleng Mkhari. Ignore her even if you say she’s a victim. Don’t reach out to her
Only store your perception of her abuse for when it is convenient to use against her straight black man. Where perpetrators are fully named like with Mampintshi, attack the process that exposes him. That way you can broaden the story to straight black men and not the perpetrator
Because if you get into the habit of dealing with perpetrators, the target (straight black men) will escape our agenda. Never become specific in order to keep this about straight black men in general. Besides, we actually don’t want the violent crime to end. We need it
Without women victims, we will have fewer things to use against straight black men. So do not tell the world about criminal syndicates that use women to traffic women or use them as drug mules. Promote the women victim into the spotlight so women can fear the straight black man
Forget that it’s Thabo Mdluli who cat-calls you. Just go on Twitter and say “ #MenAreTrash, I cannot even wear revealing things in my own country”. Take it a step further and attack men who do not do any of that, for not stopping this trashy behavior.
You know that you’re asking for something impossible but you have appealed to their empathic sides. They will feel your fears and out of love for fellow humans, they will inherit yout problem and wanna solve it. Yet you know they can’t because they don’t even know the perpetrator
Having done that, ignore the man that call themselves trash and start attacking those who do not identify as trash. Remember, yout commitment is to the hashtag, not to find solutions to the things you complain about. Attack everyone who asks you to take precautionary measures
4) Stay away from solutions. Attack every idea that is aimed at increasing your security. For example, exploit the fact that Uyinene fell victim at a post office to advance the idea that there’s nothing you can do to be careful. Also cite those attacked at own homes
Our weapon is in the very exactitude of these incidents as facts. You will silence those who cannot see the agenda with your truths. It is true that women can be victimized anywhere. Therefore nobody must tell you to be careful. There must never be a solution
In our agenda, any solution that doesn’t result in a straight black man taking the blame is not a solution. Attack it with dilligence, armed with the emotional maturity of a hungry toddler. Cry your way into concessions on their part. Be resolute. Be focused. All the best
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