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abscess over left eyebrow for 1 month seen urgent care and ophthalmology on antibiotics.

started after bumping her head into shrub while playing with a good boy (dog)
More to come...
SO patient came in with swelling and like an idiot i didn’t take a picture of her forehead but honestly didn’t look like much...

Easy to express puss out of it, tender to palpation, red tract leading from medial eyebrow to medial upper eyelid.

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Soooo I did some exploring and guess what I FOUND?!?!
So what have we learned?

Point of Care Ultrasound is AMAZING!

It’s cheap

It’s fast

It’s safe

And it can help make AMAZING discoveries and alter treatment rather quickly!

Now if i can only get my hands on a @butterflynetinc

1. the only thing noticeable on the skin was a bump that looked like a pimple

2. yes, that is in fact MY handwriting
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