So I was going to make a thread about how amazing the cameras Tesla are using are and either they changed some settings and it's no longer as amazing, I misremember how amazing they were or Pixel 4 camera is way more amazing that Pixel 2 camera I compared it against in the past.
I often get asked about how does the camera see when faced with direct sunlight so I recorded a session to demonstrate it.

Here's a scene overview from my pixel4, you can see very bright sun just behind a traffic light (impossible to see by eye)
So how does it look like from the in car camera, well, in car they capture 12 bit image so it's kind of hard visualize it via a jpeg.

Anyway first we'll look at 8bit mp4 made from 10bit h265 source. Does not look too bad but worse than the pixel.
Now let's look at a regular jpeg prioritized for shadow preservation (ignore the colors obviously) and then also a 32bit image that I used some HDR toning on, it's actually not too far away from pixel4 as you can see.

32bit tiff: 
But remember that we also actually have fisheye and narrow cameras looking in that direction to further help us. 
Here's another scene a bit later, still pretty painful to observe the traffic light.
video that naturally does not have as much of a dynamic range as the source.
and straight 32bit -> jpg conversion to show all the details.

Overall not all that bad either.

(32bit tiffs for those that want to play at home) 
Either way while it's not as great as I hoped to show (cannot make the color of that light in the first scene after all) it's not too shabby either and clearly beats my vision in these conditions.

Now, it's almost the end of BF, so time to find that 50% off coupon for Tesla
Or is there going to be a Cyber Monday one? Anybody knows? 🙃
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