Almost all projected population growth is in Africa, where emissions per capita are low. Rich and middle-income countries, where emissions per capita are high, already have sub-replacement fertility rates.

I'm not sure a "population bomb" freakout is warranted here.
I can also see how this line of argument could lend fuel to the calls for climate-based immigration restriction, which I think is a bad idea.
And even in Africa, fertility is falling at an accelerating rate, just like it did in other countries that developed earlier. Meanwhile, I'm pretty hopeful that the advent of solar will allow Africa to grow rich in a much cleaner way than Europe or China did.
Lyman Stone had a good graph showing that economic development is reducing fertility in Africa faster than it did anywhere else except for South Asia.

So I just wouldn't worry about an African "population bomb" destroying the climate.
In conclusion, let's not go all Thanos here.

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