To say that Soros “does not identify as a Jew” is not true - I say this as someone who has heard him speak to Jewish audiences over the years. This piece is perverse.
And, though I shouldn’t have to “caveat” this, twitter being twitter it: I can disagree with Soros’ politics & see how the right plays into antisemitic conspiracies in the way it goes after him, &!I don’t need to spread lies about Soros Jewish identity to disagree on the issues.
I get a bit worked up about this because I feel a connection to this particular sh-tshow. Back in 2003 or thereabouts, I was senior VP at Jewish Funders Network. We invited Soros to keynote a conference; his speech & answer to a question about antisemitism was wildly misreported.
One reporter misquoted Soros as blaming Israel for rising antisemitism in Europe. Video from JFN event clearly showed he was reporting something (not precisely that) which Shimon Peres had reportedly told him (he was funding some of Peres coexistence efforts at the time).
It was the blowup following that JFN conference that was the beginning of the public Jewish right-wing obsession with whether Soros was a sufficiently “good Jew” for them. The accusations about Holocaust collaboration (a lie) then followed. Now it’s flat out “doesn’t identify.”
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