At a business forum right now where Premier Kenney is speaking. I didn’t plan on live-tweeting but heck why not. Loves me a live-tweet session. He says Alberta has been a place of unique opportunity for folks displaced from fishing, forrest industries thanks to oil #ableg
As we fight for Alberta, we are fighting for this engine of economic power. We’re doing all we can to revive our economy and getting Alberta back to work, he says. Says he’ll push back against double-standards in ESG investments #ableg
Kenney: We made a decision to put our fiscal weight on a tax cut during the last election (that’s the corporate tax cut). He reiterates it will create jobs and increase GDP #ableg
Kenney cites cutting the carbon tax (there’s still one on large emitters btw) and red tape. “It is shocking that during the good years we got so complacent in this province” about adding regs— we wanna be the freest and fastest-moving economy in Nth America he says #ableg
Ooooh apparently NEWS!! The #ableg government has been trialling a new regulatory approval process by the AER and how it interacts with environment. It’s a pilot, apparently. He says it’s too early to talk about it tho. (Me right now👇🏻)
Kenney says curtailment had to happen but by golly gosh he does NOT like it nosireebob, says more AB crude is being created and shipped than ever before right now — and he’s looking forward to CN getting up and running to full service again, coz it’ll be even better #ableg
Kenney says pipelines are super important — and there is a path forward to shipping 800k additional barrels of Alberta oil. There is a mid-term outlook here, he says. Also throws in that he had a three-hour chat with Freeland who he adds is Alberta-born #ableg
Kenney says Indigenous participation is so important here, and that’s why his gvt has set up the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Commission. Board will be announced “in the coming days,” he says. So keeps yer eyes peeled for that, kids! #ableg
Kenney getting fired up about other oil-producing nations with their terrible human rights record and how he wants to boycott HSBC if they keep boycotting Alberta oil #ableg
Kenney says his gvt has opened up dialogue with banks like HSBC on ESG investments and has engaged experts to make sure Alberta can tell its story. They need to talk honestly about the S here, he says — the social impact of oil in nations with terrible human rights record #ableg
Kenney says we need to massively expand shipments of LNG to the developing world to cut carbon emissions. The feds need to see this is a global vision, he says #ableg
Kenney says he doesn’t want to go overtime here — organizer is like DUDE GO FOR IT #ableg
Kenney turns to Wexit. Don’t deride or dismiss this sentiment, he says to other parts of Canada. “We must listen to Albertans” and give them an opportunity to offer their ideas and vent their frustration, he says #ableg #cdnpoli
Kenney says “We don’t begrudge” the rest of Canada giving y’all $ from equalization, but slams the “chattering classes of Laurentian elites” for belittling Albertan frustrations #ableg #cdnpoli
“Please respect what we do so well” and see Alberta’s oil sector as Canada’s oil sector, he says. All we want is a fair deal, he adds. #ableg
Kenney is scrumming after this so yes of course we’ll ask about news 500 nurses will be laid off guys chill #ableg
Kenney says c-69 is top of the list of getting a fair deal for Alberta #ableg
Kenney goes over to the Russians being involved in anti-oil activity #ableg
Kenney listing a bunch of stuff his gvt has done. Says “it’s time for us to act like the major province we are” re: economic strength of Alberta #ableg
Kenney says his gvt wouldn’t establish an Alberta Pension Plan without the support of doing so via a referendum #ableg
Also the fairness panel will review setting up a provincial police force, Kenney says #ableg
Kenney wrapping it up now. Alebrtans are proud Canadians, he says. We believe with massive steps taken on environment in the oil sector, the last barrel of hydrocarbons should come from Alberta #ableg
Let us tell Alberta’s story, Kenney says. There are many tough times to go but hope is on the horizon, he says. #ableg
Kenney’s speech ends with a standing ovation. Aaaaand now we scrum. In a little bit. #ableg
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