Why does the Republican base remain unmoved by the devastating findings of the Mueller investigation and by the revelations of Trump's extortion of the Ukrainian government for political favors? A recent study sheds light with somewhat surprising and heartening answers. <THREAD>
The more reports Republicans see about these scandals, the more their support for Trump declines. Just the headlines alone are enough to prompt their decline of support. /2
This is encouraging news. The authors of the study conclude thusly. /3
It's not so much that the right-wing media echo chamber has convinced it's audience that Trump is a saint. It's more that they report on his scandals far less than do mainstream media outlets. Accordingly, out of sight, out of mind. /4
That's why I think the Democrats are right, as a political matter, to pursue impeachment regardless of the likely vote count in the Senate. And who knows--an erosion of Republicans support for Trump might still be coming, which could effect that trial. From the authors: /6
The major challenge is the degree to which the Republican base is either paying little attention to politics these days or paying little attention to media outlets outside of the right-wing bubble. /7, End.
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