Twitter topic set-up thread 1/7

This thread is to set up hashtag #TrumpMutating to discuss an abrupt change in Trump. He has clearly changed HOW he uses Twitter for example. He hasn't stopped lying but the fake Rocky Trump photo is.. bizarre.
Thread #TrumpMutating 2/7

Meanwhile his sudden Afghanistan trip is utterly out of character, as was the animal cruelty law, or the Hong Kong proclamation. Meanwhile Trump's Twitter feed has none of the hostile petty vengeful hatred Tweets against whoever happens to be live on TV
Thread #TrumpMutating 3/7

My thesis is that Trump has CHANGED. Not voluntarily. But probably about 3 weeks ago, his behavior changed DRASTICALLY. It isn't that he is suddenly 'sane' (Rocky Trump haha) but he is perhaps, 'alternately insane'. What is going on? Let's have chat...
Thread #TrumpMutating 4/7

I think SOMEONE is now MANAGING Trump. They took his Twitter away. I think it's a LAWYER (or perhaps, a troika of lawyers, Sekulow, Barr & Cipollone). Why? Because Trump's Tweets started to apper in TESTIMONY in Impeachment hearings. I think that did it
Thread #TrumpMutating 5/7

Note, Trump now does RETWEETS of vile stuff he wants to be said, but he doesn't use his OWN words anymore to say it. His own words are mostly the 'Happy Diwali' type of polite BS that a White House lackey has written for him.
Thread #TrumpMutating 6/7

The same with Afghanistan. He was in trouble after the pardons relating to war crimes. Now he is changing the topic. He must be afraid of 2020 because if Trump loses 2020, he goes immediately to prison - Mueller told us of all the crimes Trump has done
Thread #TrumpMutating 7/7

So let's discuss. Did Trump change 3 weeks ago. How? Why? Who is managing Trump and why. How long do you think this will last. What will be his next moves? Will we see the 'kinder-gentler' Trump who is suddenly all bipartisan. Pls include the hashtag
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