Not only do I oppose capital punsihment *even* for rape cases, I oppose it *especially* for rape cases. Ethical issues aside, capital punishment makes conviction *extremely* hard (as it damn well should); the kind of proof a court would and should require for a conviction
when a man's life is at stake, is almost near impossible to provide for rape cases. Also, given how women are guilted and shamed for being raped and made to feel personally responsible for whatever repurcussion a man has to face as a result of mere accusation, do you really think
capital punishment is meant to *encourage* women to report rape. There is no doubt in my mind that a judicial system that assigns death as a punishment for rape does so to actively DISCOURAGE women from reporting and pursuing cases of rape. Bloodlust solves nothing. Wake up.
Also, let's not forget that in most cases, the rapist is known to the woman. Which means she will know his wife, his mother, his children. Do you think in such a scenario a death sentence will make it easier to report the rape?
And let's not miss class and caste issues here. Do you really believe Indian society will rally behind the victim if the man accused of rape is say, a beloved actor or sportsman? Do you not think the death sentence will be a deterrent in the court of public opinion here?
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