A thread abt mystery of colour on a moth's wing: near d stairs in my building I found a dead moth. Out of habit I picked it up n brought home. Colour pattern on its wings caught my attention. It was subtle n looked pretty. I thought of seeing it under Foldscope... #scicomm (1/n)
I took sample 4m d part of d wing which was colourful n prepared a slide. When I observed it under d Foldscope, I did not c colourful scales I was expecting. They were like this👇. I searched d entire slide, I tried various lighting arrangements but they all looked same. #scicomm
When did not find d colourful scales I was expecting, I tried to find how moth wings produce such beautiful colours. I found this paper 👇 which says that the colour of d wings is not due to various pigment but due to the structure of scales n how they play with d light #scicomm
Also found this article 👇 which describes how colours are created due to the optics effect created by the structure of the scales on d wings of the moth or butterfly. #scicomm #sciencetwitter http://www.webexhibits.org/causesofcolor/15A.html
Specially this part 👇. It is fascinating how these animals use optical properties of light for their advantage. #scicomm #sciencetwitter
I have kept the moth in a box. Investigation will continue tomorrow.
Here is a beautiful video explaining how moths or butterflies created these colours without the pigments. Notice he is using very first version of the Foldscope to investigate. #scicomm @TeamFoldscope @PrakashLab
Above video is by @AaronPomerantz. He uses the Foldscope regularly during his visits to Amazonian jungle. Here is another of his video, though it is not relay to the moth wings. #scicomm @TeamFoldscope @PrakashLab
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