'How Peru’s potato museum could stave off world food crisis' - fascinating @guardian article on Peru's #Potato Park featuring @AsociacionANDES --> https://buff.ly/33sny5v 

"The potato guardians in a small park in Peru may play an important role in feeding the rest of the world."
Linked to the #Potato Park, find out about @INMIP_Sec which brings together mountain communities from 11 countries as they seek to revitalise biocultural heritage for #climate-resilient & sustainable food systems --> https://www.iied.org/international-network-mountain-indigenous-peoples-inmip
A recent report documents a learning exchange that brought together #indigenous people representing more than 50 #mountain communities from across the globe

DOWNLOAD: Biocultural heritage for resilient mountain communities --> https://pubs.iied.org/14674IIED/ 
SIFOR: The 'Smallholder innovation for resilience: strengthening innovation systems for food security in the face of climate change' project worked with 64 #indigenous & farming communities vulnerable to #ClimateChange but rich in crop diversity --> https://www.iied.org/smallholder-innovation-for-resilience-sifor
A 2014 film produced under the SIFOR project follows delegations from the Naxi peoples of Yunnan in China & the Monpa & Ura people from Bhutan as they meet with the Quechua & Q'ero peoples from the Potato Park.

WATCH: Guardians of Diversity --> https://www.iied.org/film-documents-visit-guardians-diversity-potato-park
Biocultural Heritage refers to the knowledge & practices of #indigenous people & their biological resources from the genetic varieties of crops they develop to the landscapes they create.

For more on the #Potato Park, @AsociacionANDES & @INMIP_Sec see --> https://biocultural.iied.org/ 
EVENT: Come to the #COP25 side event on 10 December, 'Driving adaptation in mountains through economic innovation & ecosystem-based approaches' with @TheMountainInst @Cipotato @UNmountains @AsociacionANDES --> https://www.iied.org/iied-partner-events-cop25#driving-adaptation
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