Friendly reminder that mass consumption fuels the extinction and climate crises. Instead of flooding stores today, please buy nothing. That’s the best present you can give to the Earth and humanity's future. #BuyNothingDay #BlackFriday
I’ve read some pushback on #BuyNothingDay and some arguments have merit. Perhaps, for example, you NEED something and holiday sales are the only time you can afford it? In that case, sure buy it. There’s NO shame in that, ever.
But look at any Black Friday shopping ad. Is it marketing necessity? Or is it saying you must have the most and the best and the newest? Does it imply the path to happiness is through ever-growing consumption no matter the true cost?
If you have an unfilled need and if a product meets that need, the you don't need anyone's permission to make the purchase. However, I suggest we all need to reconsider what campaigns like #BlackFriday are truly about because of our collective impact on the planet.
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