Okkk right lets do this!
‘Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself’ albus dumbledor
#mentalhealth could indeed be that name, people don’t want to talk about it or want to understand it. It’s an illness like any other
I have suffered with it for 20yrs but
Last week I went to my lowest point ever, lots of things caused it, months of putting things into a black box in my head and it exploded, this is so hard to write but people like @giftedgardener0 @allotment9A have given me courage to talk about it
Let’s not be embarrassed about it, it’s a horrid disease that can hit anyone at any time in your life, like the quote not talking makes it stronger and prone to misconceptions, at the moment my brain ain’t working right, speech isn’t right yet but
I feel stronger now than a week ago @nhs have been brilliant, I need life coaching to help reprogram me, so I can become the best I can, it’s a long road ahead. If you are suffering in quiet please please please please don’t! Help ain’t weakness but bravery!
Last Friday was my rebirth and has now become my second birthday, every week, on Friday I will try and bring truthful quotes that have helped me during the week, hopefully they will inspire you as much as me!
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