The US just called for a vote on the outcome document of the ESCAP #Beijing+25 Ministerial review. It's absolutely appalling after days of negotiations that they would do this. They were the 1 country that did not agree with 1 para of the outcome. #womenwantsystemschange
China, Pakistan and Russia are imploring them to reconsider. Russia: "It's not characteristic of ESCAP. It jeopardizes the value of the document itself. This also places probably most of the delegations in an uncomfortable position." #Beijing25 #womenwantsystemschange
Russia: "We don't understand the reason for calling for a vote without asking for a vote without telling us the reasons for it. We really would not be in agreement on a vote in this document, we would like it to be adopted by consensus." #Beijing25 #womenwantsystemschange
New Zealand: "We have come out with this document, which is a strong document and a great representation of what is happening on this region. Reservations were made on some paragraphs, which were noted, but we hope that we can adopt this by consensus." #Beijing25
It's absolutely outrageous that the US would try to scuttle an agreement reached by every other country in the region. Consensus does not mean that everyone agrees with everything; you let the agreement go ahead and then state your reservations. #Beijing25
Their reasons for doing so are exactly what you would expect, their extreme position on abortion. The document contains language on "sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights in accordance with ICPD and Beijing." #Beijing25
As the US themselves said, neither the definitions of sexual and reproductive health or reproductive rights in ICPD or Beijing imply a right to abortion, unfortunately. AND yet they are still opposing this language in the text. #Beijing25 #Feministswantsystemschange
Russia requests a break to try to find a solution without voting. New Zealand says there are no more compromises to be found. Australia reiterates they have made significant compromises and do not want to reopen the document. Fiji agrees. #Beijing25 #Feministswantsystemschange
The Philippines notes that they have negotiated for more than 24 hours to reach agreement; the US calling for this to go to a vote undermines the very spirit of Beijing. #Beijing25 #feministswantsystemschange
The thing is, the United States didn't even bother to stay through the night for the negotiations last night. They just left. How is that negotiating in good faith? #Beijing25 #Feministswantsystemschange
Pakistan implores again for the document to be adopted without delay. Says it's needed for the women of this region. The US says there is no point in reopening the document. Samoa agrees. #Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
Philippines: When Beijing was negotiated it was difficult, but we worked together to achieve a beautiful document. I still believe and I believe we all still believe, which is why we were able to sit in that room to hash out differences and identify commonalities. #Beijing25
Philippines makes a passionate call for consensus: The spirit of Beijing in 1995 is very much apart of every one of us. Let us not divide us let's use this document to work together to makes sure that all our dreams for the women and girls in our region will come true. #Beijing25
Philippines: There is no need for a vote.

The room erupts in applause.

It doesn't make a difference.

The chair notes that even as a majority in the room, we cannot override the right of a sovereign country to call for a vote.

#Beijing25 #Feministswantsystemschange
And so we vote.

37 countries vote yes to adopt the ESCAP #Beijing25 agreement.

The United States alone votes no.

The agreement is adopted. The room cheers. #Feministswantsystemschange
Now countries are reading their reservations. Which is what the US should have done.

China expresses their opposition to the language on women human rights defenders.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
India reserves use of the term "indigenous women" in the document, because India considers its entire population as indigenous.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
Iran reserves on the language on women, peace and security, noting they will implement it in accordance with national laws. The full document will be implemented in accordance with their religion.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
US confirms that they voted no because they cannot accept the language on sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
France missed the vote because they were not in the room, but add their support to the document. So it's 38 for and 1 against.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
I can't stress enough what a big "fuck you" this is from the United States to the other countries in this region.

This is the first time they have called for a vote on this language. But now they've done it, it probably won't be the last.

#FeministsWantSystemChange #Beijing25
But more than that, this is a big fuck you to women and girls. The US cannot say they support gender equality or care about women and girls at all, when they have just tried to undermine an agreement that would protect their human rights. #Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
And let's be clear here - the agreement that was just adopted, while strong on many fronts, is not breaking ground. Before calling for a vote, the US worked to weaken it substantially, as did Russia and Iran.

#FeministsWantSystemChange #Beijing25
A big thank you to Cambodia, China, Fiji, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Kyrgyzstan, Laos PDR, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea,

#FeministsWantSystemChange #Beijing25
Philippines, South Korea, Russia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor Leste, Tonga, UK, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, and Bhutan for voting to uphold the human rights of women & girls. #FeministsWantSystemsChange #Beijing25
But honestly, you all need to do better. As feminists from this region, we are angry. We are sick of your platitudes. Of you patting us on the back for being here, while preventing us from participating in the decisions that affect our lives. #Feministswantsystemchange #Beijing25
China notes that the vote shows the strong consensus from the region. A pointed message to the US: "I hope an individual county would abandon this unilateralism and maintain peace and security in this region." #Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
Finally, Lily from Papua New Guinea now gets the chance to read our feminist statement:

25 years since Beijing, 40 years since CEDAW, 20 years since the Security Council Resolution 1325, all we have heard are empty words.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
The regional intergovernmental process did not fully commit itself to advancing diverse women's human rights. This space does not recognise civil society as equal partners. We were locked out of discussions that affect our lives.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
The challenges of our time requires a holistic, intersectional and multidimensional approach. The Beijing Platform is a comprehensive policy framework. We do not want piecemeal solutions. We want to transform women’s lives.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
While some governments fought hard to support the advancement of women’s and girls’ rights, others are undermining the principles of the Beijing Platform, their own countries' commitments to this document.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
It is time to reform, or dissolve the Commission on the Status of Women. The SDGs say leave no one behind: but if we do not move ahead, we have to leave you behind.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
This structure must change. We demand civil society seats on the CSW bureau. Intergovernmental agencies must consult with us openly. All states must pay their dues to the UN system.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
You all spoke of the importance of civil society. But you have failed to safeguard our rights. This climate crisis and emergency will not wait for another five years for the Pacific. We do not accept this.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
There will be no Beijing Plus 30 in Bangkok if governments refuse to acknowledge and include women's movements. We are not going to waste our resources and energies to silently wait in corridors while you compromise on our lives.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
Nothing about us without us.

We honour Beijing and our foremothers by going on strike on March 8.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
Governments who want to erase our rights may think that you have the power. But we are the movement. We are the people. We are the power. The revolution starts with us.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
We will show you on 8 March 2020. When the women stop, the world stops!

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
A big thank you to the Minister for Women from Fiji, Mereseini Vuniwaqa, for your leadership during this conference. We need champions like you.

#Feministswantsystemschange #Beijing25
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