For those who wondered what would happen if a modern, angry-conservative party ever got elected in Alberta, you're seeing and feeling it now. The old PCs were entitled and out of gas, but they were PCs. The Wildrose Party were the barbarians at the gate.

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The Wildrose were the angry conservatives, the Harper-era cons who hated the Charter, the flag, and the modern world and its ideas. Those people are in charge from Ab to On. Just like at the federal level, they absorbed the PCs, and any PC who would not kneel was driven out.
Just like Harper did federally, Kenney's UCP is here to destroy. They resent the Charter and the modern world, so they've come to tear it down. They're here to take revenge on the modern world that left them and their ideology behind.
They don't care if students suffer, because they resent modern education. Conservatives have complained for centuries that educated people are their enemy, because an educated person can discern fact from fiction, and that's a threat to conservatives.
They don't care if our universal healthcare system degrades, because a worker without universal coverage is at the mercy of their boss's willingness to provide health insurance.
They don't care if unions collapse, because they want a workers who will shut up and take what they are given, and do so without question.
In kenney, you are watching the modern conservative project in action; a return to pre-1930's New Deal life. They want a world where there is no populace empowered to resist them. No educated populace to question them. No healthy populace to stand up to them.
They're happy to let the so-cons run wild, because they're obedient to the conservative cause. They're happy to let the separatists run wild because they're a distraction. They're happy to allow corruption because it ties the corrupt to their cause out of fear and greed.
Do you remember what Canada was like under Harper? Scientists muzzled and science denied. A belligerent right-wing foreign policy, though all of it performative and empty. A dislike of any thought or institution that was modern.
Harper's disciples are still in the game, and his most powerful student is now the the Ab premier. That man wants to be Prime Minister. Kenney will bring back Harper's hate-conservatism with a vengeance, because vengeance is what they're about; revenge against the modern world.
So all of this leads to a single question, Canada.

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