How did the party leaders do in responding to the nature and #ClimateEmergency with their answers in the #ClimateDebate?

Follow this thread for our verdicts... (in alphabetical order of the party leaders that actually showed up)

Siân Berry, @TheGreenParty: an impressive performance covering all the bases including trees, comprehensive, well-funding home insulation and heating retrofit, and protecting nature from roads, destructive #HS2 and pesticides, also willing to be tough on aviation. 1/2
Tough on 2030 target, but much easier said than done. As a home-renter rather than home-owner, thinks campaigning hard for the systemic change that is necessary has to be the focus of attention, not personal pledges from politicians. 2/2 #ClimateDebate
Jeremy Corbyn, @UKLabour: thorough explanation of what needs to happen across the whole economy to protect the climate & nature, esp home insulation, and the jobs that would be created with offshore wind & huge tree planting programme. 1/2 #ClimateDebate
Says Labour would bring international aviation & shipping into UK carbon targets; hinted Labour may scrap Heathrow expansion (he voted against it). Very strong on making it easier to be green with cheap buses and rail fares. Very strong on nature and the need for restoration. 2/2
Adam Price, @Plaid_Cymru: Strong personal story with young child, deciding as a family to switch to reusable nappies. Weak on farming; wrongly suggested that cutting livestock farming would be bad for the planet when all the science says we must cut meat & dairy consumption. 1/2
Adam Price sees great potential for Wales with renewables. Wants to see #HS2 scrapped to fund better railway in Wales. Wants to do much more to protect the oceans from harm. 2/2 #ClimateDebate
Nicola Sturgeon @theSNP: strong performance; pointed to Scotland being location for 84% of tree cover in UK. Wants to see much better🚆 including #HS2 as alternatives to ✈️. Transition from oil & gas can’t happen tomorrow but must happen; must be a just transition for workers.1/2
Says Scotland is already insulating homes and fitting eco-heating, but says that new-build home standards still allow for gas-boilers until 2024 - why the wait? Scotland is doing peat restoration and will do more, although not in manifesto because Scotland already has powers. 2/2
Jo Swinson, @LibDems: very clear of difficulty to get to #NetZeroEmissions by 2030 but strong on need to cut emissions as fast as possible, including through insulation and better homes. Says Lib Dem's would introduce frequent flyer tax for 3+ long-haul flights per year... 1/2
...but this will let most frequent flyers off the hook. Very strong on the success story of renewables, and on the importance of strong standards and policing for nature. Opposes Brexit so UK can still have international clout on climate through the EU. 2/2 #ClimateDebate
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