Friends, Maharashtra was not a miscalculation or mistake as we think. It was a planned and calculated decision. Why??? Read this....
There are huge funds in Maharashtra government accounts, deposited as part of funds for Bullet train.
Centre, Maharashtra and Gujarat control these funds. Sonia wanted to divert these funds for Farmer loan waiver though Japan wouldn't have agreed. But Japan cannot stop Maharashtra CM if he wants to go ahead. That would abort the Bullet train project.
It will help Congress to siphon off funds in the name of waivers.

Fadnavis was care taker CM till 22 and he could not have transferred the money to central funds. So he struck a deal with Ajit Pawar (Shah Modi gameplan) and produced letters of support of 159 MLAs through.... chiefs. That's why the emergency swearing in. He has transferred almost all the money to central funds, making it impossible for new government to touch the funds.

He will resign now but they have prevented the Congress from poaching into Bullet train project.
Sonia's insistence in her CMP was Farmer's loan waivers (the easiest way to scam, like they did in Karnataka and MP) and stop Modi's dream project of Bullet train. Besides, Fadnavis took all the case files on Sharad and Ajit Pawar, the Bohra Commission Report and other cases.
Sharad Pawar will want the Home Ministers portfolio to grab all this but it’s all gone. Wait for Modi and Shah’s next move. Sharad will join Chidambaram soon. So it was for a cause. Ajit Pawar didn't know all this and thought he can become Deputy CM.
In the 3 days, Fadnavis has finished the designated job. Now the Three Wheeler can’t run on a dry tank.....
Can they??? 😂😂😂😂
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