Have you identified one of Trump’s primary strategies?

1. Make people think he did a thing
2. Public tricked into talking about how he should be punished
3. It turns out he didn’t do it
4. But someone else the public loves did
5. See #2...now *they* get that punishment
It’s brilliant and they keep falling for it because each instance of him executing this strategy is still on step 3 or 4 and they haven’t figured it out yet. He’s creating a massive ‘hypocrisy trap’.
All of this is obvious enough if you’ve been paying attention...
...but you know what I find really interesting? This particular trap doesn’t work unless the other team DESPISES him. 😳

Think about it...this strategy is actually AIDED by Trump Derangement Syndrome...I’d even go so far as to say that it’s a REQUIREMENT for it to work properly.
Trump MUST keep his likability below a certain threshold because it’s the irrational hatred of the Left that makes them :
a) jump to judgement too quickly,
b) leave no room for anything other than the harshest punishment and
c) not notice the repeating trap.

Can you see?
Trump has spent three years using their own blind hatred to force them to define the appropriate punishments for all kinds of crimes that he never committed.
But they did.

Trump had to make the public dislike him (to an extent) - the plan doesn’t work the same otherwise.
No President has ever been treated this horribly, but if the Left didn’t have TDS then the ‘impeachment trap’ never would have worked. This trap relies on a delicate balance of creating the illusion Trump ‘might’ have done something wrong without actually violating the law.
If the Left merely *disliked* Trump, they wouldn’t push forward so blindly and aggressively.
But all those traps are set now and with the IG report less than two weeks away I suspect there will no longer be a need for ‘mean Trump’.
‘Nice Trump’ appearing more often soon?
...and remember that another component that made this plan work is that they had to also underestimate him intellectually too.

Wait until they find out he’s both nice and a genius. 😉✨

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