(1/15) Interesting: of all the scientific associates that The Monster knew, the Epste!n flight logs only have one person titled “Doctor”:

Dr. Henry Jarecki traveled with Epste!n multiple times, and man... there are red fIags from the get-go.

Check out that last box.

Oh, and...
(2/15) 🚨 He owns *TWO ISLANDS IN THE BVI* 🚨

( @DEFEND_FREEDQM - you were looking for other suspicious islands, right?)
(3/15) He flew multiple times with Epste!n.

He flew to Paris along with his son (we’ll come back to him in a minute), as well as flying to NJ and...

Palm Beach and Santa Fe
(4/15) Jarecki has 4 sons, *3* of which are filmmakers.

Travel buddy Nicholas is most famous for “Arbitrage”, starring the Chandler-linked Richard Gere and recently “Black-Eyed Susan” Sarandon.

He has some other potentially interesting associates as well (cc: @Tiff_FitzHenry )
(5/15) Daddy Jaracki co-founded the “Scholar Rescue Fund” in 2002, part of the “Institute of International Education”; its mission is relocating scholars in war-torn areas.

Its governance board has some interesting people - Biden buddies and Chicago ties
(6/15) (Interesting note: Ted Kaufman was Biden’s Chief of Staff for 19 years and succeeded him in the Senate *by appointment*, not election)
(7/15) Back to Papa Jarecki. Not only did he found the first Youth Center in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) he owns two additional ISLANDS; both are pretty secluded.

In addition to Hollywood guests, they also had alleged violent perv Mario Batali (article prior to allegations)
(8/15) Did you notice that Manhattan Residence he bought in 2000?

It’s less than 3 miles from Epste!n’s townhouse.

Noteworthy: Little Nicky Jarecki used Daddy’s house to film parts of “Arbitrage”...
(9/15) Norman Island has no permanent inhabitants, “other than wild goats”, according to Wikipedia ( 😒 ) but it has two restaurants. Apparently it was the inspiration for “Treasure Island” and many mysterious caves, so cruise ships supposedly stop by
(10/15) Daddy Jarecki has multiple foundations, including
- the aforementioned Youth program in the BVI
- Timber Falls Foundation
- Falconwood Foundation

The first two don’t appear to have any website or internet presence 😒

The third one contributes to some controversial orgs
(11/15) Donations by Janecki/his foundations:

$20,000 to the Bill Clinton Defense Fund

$(unknown)- Gr33npeace

$83,500 to PIanned Parenthood

$49,000 to SPLC

$400,000+ to Dem candidates and PACS - in 2012 ALONE

$556,000 (!!!) to the ACLU

(I wouldn’t get along with this dude)
(12/15) This MFer has so many different threads and foundations and connections - I’m trying to stay focused.

(BTW - When the hell did colleges start having “Governors”?)
(13/15) He and his wife also have The Gloria and Henry Jarecki Special Skills School in Cambodia.

Again, no dedicated website, nothing asking for donations or talking about what they do... This is one humble motherfucker.

(Clearly the money didn’t go towards a decent sign)
(14/15) Wow, his brother also made a ton of money... in a weird enough way that he got a Wiki.

He made $1mm+ by exploiting ghetto roulette wheels.

... okay.

This is a definite stretch, but remember the recent bombshell about a ghetto casino being used to launder money?
Follow-up: this is way more of a response than I’d expected - I’m very grateful to the people that got this rolling & those who have taken the time to say nice things - esp anons I’ve been lurking on for months

Special shoutout to @Mareq16 who dug up a *ton* of extra stuff... as
...he said, he’ll dig and I’ll sift. I’ll hopefully do 2 more parts: 1 on the people who flew with The Monster & Jarecki (I wanted to include it here but it was distracting from the core) & 1 on the awesome connexions MareQ found. Go read his awesome finds in the replies #WWG1WGA
UPDATE: I found that HJ’s youth program in the BVI *does* have a website. Multiple searches on keywords before had not turned it up. I found it by accident digging on something else.

Maybe they need SEO help.

More digging soon...
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