Are you ready to take part in #MuseumsForFuture tomorrow (29 Nov)? It's a global movement to tackle the climate crisis and support #FridaysForFuture. It's not too late to join in - here's what you can do (thread)
👋 Welcome strikers in your museum.
Your toilets, tap water, and comfortable seating are assets to strikers.
🚸 Hold a children’s assembly about a sustainable future.
That way, parents are free to march.
🎨 Provide space for teach-ins, sign making, workshops.
Offer your workshop spaces and other rooms in advance to organizers.
🖼️ Go on #ArtStrike, put an object on strike.
Here's a toolkit and some more info
📂 Archive and create a display of the strike.
Document this all-important movement for posterity, together with the strikers.
🗣️ Tell the story of young activists from other times and places.
Create a display showing how movements work and create change.
🥦 Sell only local, plant-based food in your restaurant.
One day is feasible. And then another. And another.
♻️ Make ONE part of your museum’s operations sustainable.
The utility bill, transport, packaging… anything. If you change one thing every time there is a strike, soon you’ll be green as grass!
🚃 Promote the use of public transport to get to your museum.
Give detailed directions and don’t fail to mention the convenience.
👎👎🏽👎🏿Stop accepting money from fossil fuel companies.
Due diligence on all your funders: no artwashing, no greenwashing.
Just one or two of these actions will make a difference, so join in however you can! Check out @museums4future for more info. Happy striking 🌎
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