Looking for a DNA Test bargain?

In advance of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday I wanted to crowdsource #Privacy #Cybersecurity and other risks to consider before buying and doing a consumer DNA test kit.

Using tag #DNAdont a couple to kick us off:
If results show nasty surprises it can be hard to handle.

If data is compromised every close relation can be impacted.

The firm might respect and protect data, but who are their partners, will they one day work with govt or insurers, and what if they get bought out? #DNAdont
Would love Medical Twitter to offer views on consumer DNA test cost vs benefit with big player move to health focus from basic curiosity about genetic relations and roots?

Is quality / potential gain outweighing alternatives and risks? #DNAdont #DNATestKits
I’m just advocating caution.

Fun, fear, and FOMO based marketing is nudging us towards a WTH attitude to sharing DNA and detailed lifestyle information.

The battle to own and control our genomic and health data is huge. The DNA test kit market is a dirt cheap way in #DNAdont
Who profits most is always the right question. If you have a vital genealogy question, or health screening need a particular test can reliably provide and you can’t get that info elsewhere, then please read the data protection, sharing, reuse, and retention fine print #DNAdont
If you are just keen to flip the bird to Auntie Mabel who always denied your real genetic heritage, maybe have another check on fine print, see who owns and invests in the firm, and see what if any options you would have to get your data back #DNAdont
Then look at your sister, brother, mother, father, partner, son, daughter, cousin, auntie, uncle and every slightly more removed relation and think whether or not they would also be happy to give away their DNA, cos that’s what you are about to do. #DNAdont
You deal with Ancestral 23 DNA Test Inc. They deal with...?

It’s my vendor due diligence day job to assess such things. In long and complex service provider and investor supply chains, who will get data and what do THEY plan to do? #DNAdont https://twitter.com/klillington/status/1200194796179972096?s=21 https://twitter.com/klillington/status/1200194796179972096
And before anyone else points it out I got a little over enthusiastic here with ‘partner’ 😏 https://twitter.com/trialbytruth/status/1200003221730791424?s=21 https://twitter.com/trialbytruth/status/1200003221730791424
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