Wonderful to see @KarmenuVella kick off the #CleanAirEU Forum in Bratislava on his last day. Highlights EU funds, enforcement action and technical support. Heating, transport and agriculture must do more https://ec.europa.eu/info/events/eu-clean-air-forum-2019-nov-28_en << He’s been a great #CleanAir champion for 5 years!
Thread 2/... Inspirational speech about the effect of #AirPollution on top athletes by @paulajradcliffe. Keen to raise awareness. We must all do more
3/... #IndoorAir Quality at #CleanAirEU Forum
5/... @DrMariaNeira emphasises the positive reasons for reducing #AirPollution << Climate action will benefit health!
6/... Great support from @DrMariaNeira for enshrining the #HumanRight to #CleanAir *explicitly and precisely* in EU and international law so that air pollution is considered in every decision by every public body in the way that equalities are now! #BreatheLife
7/... Brilliant moderating of #CleanAirEU Forum by @cwburnstorm! HT @EU_ENV
8/... #CleanAirEU gets a wake-up call from Doctors! We need to reduce #AirPollution to protect health and mitigate #ClimateChange
9/... Thank you @KarmenuVella for doing so much for #CleanAir! https://twitter.com/karmenuvella/status/1200001715543654400?s=21 https://twitter.com/karmenuvella/status/1200001715543654400
10/... Testimonial and inspirational session with @rosamund_ElsFdn at #CleanAirEU Forum - @WHO Clean Air Champion: “The people most affected by #AirPollution don’t attend these events.” “Listen to the Doctors.” “We care about our children.” “My daughter meant everything to me.”
11/... 27 of 28 of #EllaRoberta’s hospital admissions coincided with #AirPollution episodes. @rosamund_ElsFdn gives a voice to those who don’t have one. The poor are paying the price. My daughter had the #HumanRight to life. One life is worth it!
14/... Huge news on the #ClimateEmergency https://twitter.com/graceosllvn/status/1200006869596725249?s=21 https://twitter.com/graceosllvn/status/1200006869596725249
17/... Important session on ‘Better heating for better quality of life’ at #CleanAirEU. Heat our homes not our planet! We must start by banning the sale of wood stoves (with diesel and coal) and stopping illegal wood burning in cities
18/... Very pleased to hear discussion of climate imperatives alongside #airpollution measures at #CleanAirEU #CleanAirForum
19/... Let’s get real at #CleanAirEU #CleanAirForum. We must ban all wood burning in cities as the first #CleanAirAct did with fireplace burning of wood and coal in 1956!
20/... We must make the political cost of inaction on #airpollution greater than action. Wood burning is carcinogenic. It must be stopped HT @rosamund_ElsFdn
22/... Reasons to highlight the political cost of inaction on #airpollution include: health; legal; climate change; and urban space. Doing so creates the political space for decisions to ban the worst fuels, technologies and practices eg diesel and wood burning
23/... ‘Agriculture for a clean environment’ - Towards an agricultural regime that sustains clean(er) air. New session underway
24/... #AirPollution was the biggest issue in the #LondonMayor2016 election alongside #Housing. With agriculture such a large source of ammonia and methane, perhaps #LondonMayor2020 should pledge to make London the first vegetarian megacity by 2030. #CleanAirEU cc @cwburnstorm
25/... @EUauditors confirm at #CleanAirEU #CleanAirForum that European Commission (2014-19) accepted its recommendation to update the #AirQuality Limit and Target Values for the latest @WHO guidance by 2022 (page 45) https://www.eca.europa.eu/en/Pages/DocItem.aspx?did=46723 HT @KarmenuVella cc @VSinkevicius
26/... Important question from @AirClimSweden: “Is meat eating consistent with achieving our climate and health targets?”
27/... Soothing end to the main sessions on the first day of the #CleanAirEU Forum - Bach’s “Air”
Day 2 thread here https://twitter.com/cleanairlondon/status/1200330019941298176?s=21 https://twitter.com/cleanairlondon/status/1200330019941298176
Useful preamble and resources here https://twitter.com/cleanairlondon/status/1199617126350360577?s=21 https://twitter.com/CleanAirLondon/status/1199617126350360577
Please @ShaunBaileyUK @SiobhanBenita @sianberry @SadiqKhan read this three-day summary from #CleanAirEU #CleanAirForum and consider pledging to ban diesel and wood burning and all new fossil-fuelled combustion sources asap and making London the first vegetarian mega-city by 2030
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