As immigrants, we have to find a balance between our roots and our future. We have to make space for the process of reshaping our minds, questioning the things we know, and learning new ones.
We are challenged to adapt, and an important part of that process, comes with genuine interest to know the traditions of the place we moved to. For me, it has been a process of asking questions, and understanding. Thanksgiving is no exception.
And all tho’ We have decided to give the day a personal meaning about gratitude, I completely understand the feeling of @LATBermudez article and I think is such brave thing to talk about.
I still feel like both things can co-exist: knowing the origins of the history and explaining it to our kids, respecting those who honor the memory of their ancestors and also, the ones who decide to celebrate gratitude.
And who knows. Maybe one day, I’ll feel different from today. And I’m grateful for articles like this one, that keep me questioning and learning . Thanks for the books recommendations @LATBermudez !♥️
Also: ahora quiero arroz con leche !!!!! @LATBermudez 😍 también es popular en RD 🇩🇴
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