This £14,000 figure donated by Warwick Energy director to Jo Swinson's constituency branch troubles me. What's missing is the rest of it. This guy is a major lib dem donor- 38 donations totalling nearly £627k. Of that £120,297.25 was donated while Jo was leader.
The suggestion that Mark Petterson is not a director of a fracking company seems wrong. It's true, he is a director of Warwick Energy which has other interests but he's also a director of Warwick Energy Exploration Ltd which lists no purpose other than "extraction of natural gas"
Warwick Energy Exploration Ltd is not a renewable energy firm. 80% of it's activity is not renewable energy. It has 3 fracking licences, one in Lancashire, and 2 in Yorkshire. Apart from buying those licences what else have they done?
Even more explicit- he's a director of Warwick Onshore Exploration Ltd. Swinson took a donation from the director of a fracking company, albeit one that is currently mothballed. That's legally a non-controversial statement.
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