Can I make a suggestion to supporters of 4 Democratic candidates with the currently highest poll numbers? This comes out of honestly good intentions.
I’ve been keeping relatively quiet about your fave lately) except maybe Bernie but I’ve even been less noisy than usual there) 1/
I’ve been trying to promote my fave, and defend her, without actively maligning others. But I read the commentary and have my opinions.
One thing I see a lot is white people defending their candidates by telling Black people they are wrong about whether something is racist. 2/
It is always possible that anyone is wrong, but take seriously the idea that almost all Black Americans have a deeper understanding of the patterns of racism, what hurts Black people as individuals and as a community, and dog-whistles than almost all white Americans.
And in any case, you’re just going to annoy the Black people you are arguing with.
Support your candidate, perhaps, by dropping a link to positive things they’ve done for or in Black communities. Or bow out. Or listen and try to understand. 4/
But a random white person on Twitter is not going to convince a random Black person on Twitter that they are better at evaluating racism. You do not help your candidate in this way.
Of lesser importance, you cause me to jump into arguments I’m otherwise just reading. Because when I see a white person erasing a Black person’s perspective on racism, or making some argument about why racism isn’t racism or why this not-thing is equal to this thing, 6/
Then I’m going to jump in. Other Black people will as well, and you just amplify the issue that was raised about your candidate and activate persistent feelings about white gaslighting.
I just suggest you don’t argue with Black people about racism, generally.
Thanks. Bye.
I wasn’t going to name names, but because he just replied to me again, here’s one:
Just stop it.
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