Maybe we should rename “low-information voters” (suggests they’re stupid) with “low interest voters”. I think that more accurately describes that they’re perfectly intelligent people who haven’t successfully been included in informed political discussion yet
It also helps focus the role of activists/advocates/organizers/media on doing that more successfully ... rather than standing there and pointing at how misinformed they are. Isn’t it your job to be informing them?
We sit around editing newspapers with college-level prose, Manhattan real estate articles, an entire section about corporate/business transactions, and haute cuisine reviews …… then ask why are these working class rural guys so misinformed?
You know who creates media products for those guys? Rupert Murdoch
Murdoch and his cronies take seriously the job of creating information products for people not like them. (And Murdoch leverages the hell out of that for his own political power as a kingmaker.) Others in media just want status in their own circles
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