The election results in Hong Kong - as well as in other democracies like India and US - raise an important question:

Is democracy - with universal suffrage - simply mob rule by other means?
After all, if the majority always wins, it opens the way to all sorts of slippery slopes.

If the majority supports violence, violence wins. If the majority fights for an unjust cause, the unjust cause wins.

(as in HK)
Yet, the competence of a government is more important than its form or structure.

An "authoritarian" competent government is better than a "democratic" incompetent one.

India and China are the best examples, lying on opposite ends of this spectrum:
Far from being the End of History, this is just the beginning.

For developing countries - and nobody knows this better than the CCP itself - the Chinese system is not perfect.

In fact, it is not even good.

It is simply the least bad.
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