Growing up we always had daily chore.

Then at age 11 I was put to work swinging a hammer and building houses.

Nobody there gave af that I was the smallest on the job site.

There was work to be done and heavy shit to be moved.

I've been strength training my whole life.
At this point I'm working to harness that raw strength into the correct motor paths and positions to move barbell weights.

I think the biggest take away I've had with manual labor, is noticing how screwed up everyone's body is.
Rarely will you meet s guy who has been in manual labor for 30yr+ that hasn't had at least 1 major surgery.

Usually it's shoulder surgery from all the overhead work.
But the big take away for me has been that there is a RIGHT and a WRONG way for your body to move.

This is why I'm so obsessed with form and positioning.

Your body is like a machine and when the machine moves even 1% incorrectly, it's just a matter of time before it breaks down
So you need to be proactive and focused when you enter the gym.

Every rep matters.

Every rep should be taken seriously.

Very few people see training from this lense, but those who do are rarely ever injured.
People like to talk about how powerlifting trashing the body, but I've never met a good powerlifter who was injured doing things correctly.

Every injury conversation goes something like this:

"I miss grooved, rushed the lift, wasn't warmed up, knew I had a tweak, etc"
Things you should focus on in the gym

✅Having a good program
✅Understanding food
✅Form & Positioning work
✅Mobility and injury prevention
✅Weakness Development

These are all things I do and help my clients with

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