Today @CJA_News and @HarvardLawHRP published a statement from int’l law experts calling on Bolivian gov’t to ensure its policing of #protests complies with int’l #HumanRights law. #Bolivia. #thread 1/4
These experts include 1 fmr president of the @CIDH, a fmr exec secretary of @CIDH, 1 current and 2 fmr #UNSpecialRapporteur s on Extrajudicial Executions, 2 fmr UN Special Rapporteurs on #Torture, and leading scholars in Int’l law. 2/4
Read the statement here . Our takeaways: Lethal force in #protest situations can only be used as a last resort. Failure to ensure that security forces respect int’l #HumanRights law can result in liability for civilian commanders. 3/4
Takeaways con’t: Attempts to immunize security forces from #accountability for #HumanRights abuses is unlawful under int’l law. Supreme Decree 4078 should be rescinded. 4/4
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