This is a comment on Tweet #20 of yesterday's thread entitled "Why the GOP Prefers Russia."

I'd like to recommend a book entitled Simple Justice by Richard Kluger for anyone interested in the legal history of race relations in America.

It's very readable . . .
The book purports to be a history of Brown v. Board of Education, but really, it's a legal history of race relations in America.

As a bonus, this book will help you prepare for the Constitutional Law portion of the Twitter Bar exam.

Here's what I came away with . . .
We started fighting the Civil War before the Constitution was drafted. The Constitution contained compromises about slavery without which there wouldn't have been a union.

The Civil War ended slavery, but by the end of the nineteenth century, we had Jim Crow. . .
. . and massive voter suppression. The South made comeback and was able to regain power through their electoral college advantages.

We were still fighting the Civil War during the 1960s and 1970s.

Trump is part of the backlash to Brown v. Board of Education.
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