Some of you wouldn't believe US responsibility for a coup plot unless US-flagged jets flown by US pilots dropped US-made bombs on a US-chosen target. And that would be an open "invasion," not a clandestine coup.
Sometimes the US and its propaganda apparatus can opportunize conditions (e.g. recent, unrelated "terror" attacks) to manufacture consent for open wars against official enemies. But far more often, they will participate with local allies to instead manufacture consent for a coup.
If the chosen enemy (e.g. any "socialist" or left-nodding state in the Americas) hasn't yet been publicly convicted of their crimes (resistance to US policy), of course the latter "coup" option becomes necessary. And, with that, the cover of local "pro-democracy" forces.
This is obviously why dipshitted, entirely badfaith public handwringing about "it's complicated, there is local opposition, too" is utterly meaningless in the grander scheme of things. There *always* is.
There isn't a State Department-designated "totalitarian" state in history that doesn't have an array of US-known-and-cooperative "freedom loving" dissenters or exiles (fugitives) waiting for their greenlight.
The necessary task, then, isn't to judge whether local opposition exists or if claims are valid, but rather to identify what part of that "local opposition" is *placed* (by US assistance) and poised to directly benefit from the always-Pentagon-and-Langley-ready plot.
This, at least, is how I - as an anarchist - can justify seeming to defend even democratic socialist states like MAS' Bolivia. Even though I'm not. I'm directly investigating their fascist opposition and their deep ties with the US government.
Think of the most inconceivable thing you (my dopey, cling-to-founding-myths, US friends) can imagine. The US and Britain releasing Nazi prisoners and commanding literal Nazi armies to surprise attack the Soviet Union in 1944?

The US and Britain had a plan for that. Fact.
If that surprises you, imagine what horrific wonders the unmeasurably vast Western intelligence community of 2019 has since conceived? Budgeted? A fascist coup in Bolivia, led by longtime European Nazi settlers who fled there after the war shouldn't be much of a stretch at all.
In fact, it's so far from inconceivable - it's entirely predictable. That's how *it was* predicted. By oft-scorned leftist "goofballs," of course. But definitely not by ivy league pencil-pushers committed to obfuscating these very simple, observable facts.
To go even further, this is also *precisely why* "bumbling empire" and "LOLCIA" promulgators make millions as widely-regarded podcast hosts, accredited academy experts and are entirely favored while people who recognize this are dismissed as cranks, conspiracists and goofballs.
The goofball communist fringe (with whom I frequently engage) is more accurately able to predict real world, geopolitical events before they manifest than every single ivy-league PhD claiming professional expertise in US "left" pubs – and nobody thinks that is the least bit odd?
It's not my job as someone born in the lap of privilege in the US and in whose image this criminal world was built and is violently enforced to meticulously weigh the merits of every revolutionary project when I know that the system that upholds me is bent on their annihilation.
I'm not here to make professional, US experts more comfortable, sitting with their hands on the scales of justice as they do. There is no higher calling I can imagine at 40 years than being called a traitor; to my country, my class, my race or my gender.
You want to say I'm a tankie or I listen to cranks, fine. I've always been happy to stand against the cool kids. I grew up with many of you assholes. I know what you're all about in the end and I openly and unapologetically despise you.
I do want to help open up doors so people can create new things. And I know that will never, ever happen - that your "new imaginaries" will always be stillborn or "strangled in the cradle" - so long as the US and the ongoing colonization it represents still exists. /end
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