Recovery isn’t a miracle. Phrases like “recovery is possible” implies it is unlikely. If we approached recovery as an event that is likely then we would expect it. Imagine the impact this would have on professionals who care for people 1/5
who suffer with addiction? It would also have a tremendous impact on the suffering folks as well if the culture and care provided did so with an expectation that people will find recovery. 2/5
If I purchased a lottery ticket I would say, “becoming a millionaire is possible.” However, I would also feel that it’s fairly unlikely. I did not pursue recovery like buying a lottery ticket. I chased recovery with the expectation I would have it. 3/5
I often hear people refer to my story as a miracle, this diminishes the work I put into my recovery and creates a scenario where my recovery story may discourage another from seeking recovery because they view it as unobtainable. 4/5
Self determination plays a key role in recovery and how we speak about those who have recovered carries great power for those still suffering. This is where I think @UnityRCO has it right, expect recovery. 5/5
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