10yrs ago today, BBC2 broadcast my comedy short film The Interviewee. Seems like a lifetime ago, an unbelievable experience that kickstarted my production career. I'm still far from where I want to be, but I'm getting closer!

Watch: https://bit.ly/2XRvrjz  #WednesdayMotivation
The film was inspired by my first ever job interview; at 16 I went for a sales position in the Birmingham City club shop. My anxious internal monologue seemed like a great idea for a short.

(Fun fact: I got the job, but a start date never materialised)
In 2008 I won the BBC Blast Comedy Bursary award for my student short Sensitivity. I was given mentoring & a £3000 budget to make what would become The Interviewee. Sensitivity was shown at the BFI, and on BBC2.

I also got this handsome trophy, which I keep to this day
A year later The Interviewee was nominated for 2 @rts_mids awards; Best Short Film & Best New Talent.

It won neither, but congratulating the victor by email got me my first proper industry job.

(Btw look at that short film category; major talent @LewisAEA @brothersmcleod )
Since then I've worked for the BBC, been made redundant, studied Fine Art & graduated with a First Class degree. I've made some awesome commissioned projects, had films shown in amazing galleries & made some super cool music videos.

So I'm making progress https://www.davidfpoole.com/ 
OMG I'd completely forgotten about this! The behind the scenes video made alongside The Interviewee!

The hair! The face! And my accent has never sounded more Brummie 😂

But having "neuroses... Woody Allen would have" doesn't mean the same in 2019...
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