Yesterday was exactly 1⃣yr since the launch of the @Ldn_Ambulance #mentalhealth joint response car pilot 🥳 A paramedic + MH nurse responding to 999 calls 11am-11pm in SEL.

Congrats to the MH team from the Strategy team 👏 Exciting to see it go from strategy to reality!🚑💚 1/5
Here are some of the fab @Ldn_Ambulance #mentalhealth team who've been working on the joint response car & handling 999 calls in the clinical hub 🚑☎️💚 #LASmentalhealth 2/5
During year 1⃣ of the @Ldn_Ambulance #mentalhealth car pilot in SE London, the team has engaged with patients, staff, MH Trusts, police, commissioners + other key stakeholders to understand #patientexperience + improve #patientcare [ #whoseshoes #coproduction] 3/5
Here's a great little video 📽️that summarises our @Ldn_Ambulance @whoseshoes #mentalhealth workshop, attended by service users, staff, MH Trusts, police, commissioners + other key stakeholders. #LASmentalhealth 4/5
And finally, the wonderful artwork from our @Ldn_Ambulance @whoseshoes #mentalhealth event which captures all of the key themes + ideas 💡💡 #LASmentalhealth 5/5
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