Bucking the general #medtwitter trend. Am I an egomaniacal monster or just well adjusted.

My level on the Clance Impostor Scale is 36 (of 100). Learn yours at http://impostortest.nickol.as/  #ImpostorSyndrome

Reminds of a chat with a colleague yesterday... /1
Said colleague: "I just don't 'get' Cardiology". I reassured that they could with the requisite time and effort, but they were having none of it, as if Cardiology required some inherent immutable characteristic they don't have.

I wonder where they fall on the scale
Cardiology seems to scare some people and has a reputation of being a 'clever' specialty, but I don't get why people are put off.

A junior on nights last week was amazed when I quoted a cardio fact relating to a case. I did my best to demystify the situation.
I tell juniors that I don't know more because I'm cleverer but because I've been around longer + studied a bit more and they will learn more with time and effort.

Being a novice isn't a crime. We should encourage our juniors not to let #ImpostorSyndrome get the best of them. /4
Recognising #ImpostorSyndrome is important. But we should do more than just announce our collective humility on twitter. I see too many people ruling out career possibilities that would be great for them due to unwarranted self-doubt or inexperience. 5/5
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