So peeps, I'm taking a step back from #lchf and #carnivore style tweets and will be focusing more on food addiction that lies outside of the sugar and carb addiction. As a food addict, I have been really looking at what drives people to over eat after ditching the addictive foods
What I have not seen being addressed it brain chemical and hormonal responses to binge eating and food addiction. So many, are feeling defective because they still struggle even though they are fat adapted.
So now what. So there are many factors to look at that standard medical tests do not show. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, serotonin, dopamine. All can be drivers to addiction. So how do you know which. How do you know how to over come that urge to eat and eat and eat
So let's start with asking, why you are eating. Is it really hunger or xyz... I want ppl to know they are not alone. So if this is you, never feel ashamed, dm me if you need help figuring it out. Maybe, together, we can find a way to regulate and overcome.
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