This year, let’s be thankful for Donald Trump.
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Let’s be thankful Donald Trump is such a terrible president that he singlehandedly reinvigorated millions of Americans to engage in our political system. From protest marches to holding our elected officials accountable to running for office ourselves. 2/9
Let’s be thankful Donald Trump is so incompetent and ignorant about how government functions, we have been able to put the lessons from our 8th grade civics classes to good use... not to mention feeling like we are enrolled in a constitutional law course. 3/9
Let’s be thankful Donald Trump, through his own corrupt activities, has exposed the complicity and weakness of the GOP so that Americans can vote them all out of office. #VoteBlue2020 4/9
Let’s be thankful Donald Trump is an isolationist and reviled around the world, which taught us the importance of our allies for national security, prosperity, and peace. 5/9
Let’s be thankful Donald Trump continually demonstrates his disdain for women, which helped us find our voices, our power, and our leaders to bring about change. 6/9
Let’s be thankful Donald Trump is an immoral, racist, autocratic xenophobe. We are challenged to reflect upon the meaning, purpose, and importance of our shared American values and how we must take action to protect our freedoms and enable justice. 7/9
Let’s be thankful Donald Trump is an existential threat to our country. We have woken from our slumber of apathy and cynicism to build communities of activists, develop the next generation of leaders, affirm values that unite us, and speak about injustices we must remedy. 8/9
Let’s be thankful we have Donald Trump to force us to confront our demons, our darkness, and our deficiencies so we may come together and reaffirm our commitment to American democracy, to the Rule of Law, to truth, and to our fellow humans. 9/9
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