We’re told that the “polls tell us” that #m4a support is fragile when people realize that it’ll take away their insurance. So, let's take a look at what may be driving #MedicareforAll polling using one @KFF poll earlier this month.

It found that when respondents were told #M4A would “eliminate private health insurance” support dropped to 37%.

That’s where the discussion stops w/ most opponents of M4A.

But there is, of course, more.

If you look further: When respondents are told that it would “eliminate private health insurance, but allow ppl to choose their docs, hospitals, and other med providers” support JUMPS TO 54%.

That’s HIGHER than baseline.

That’s the part of the story we don’t always hear—they don’t want us to hear. It plays to a lack of understanding of #M4A among everyday folks AND a choice by pundits not to share this.

And it points to where we need to do better on communicating the truth.

#MedicareforAll may eliminate private health insurance, and by doing so it INCREASES choice, because under #M4A insurance corps can’t keep you from “out-of-network” docs/hospitals anymore.

You see who you want to see.

In fact, people value their choice in healthcare providers. #MedicareforAll is the BEST way to protect that for people. And the polling shows it.

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