I think that in the face of a successfully coordinated & executed plan to dissolve

➡️ the checks and balances that the independence of the 3 branches of government provided and

➡️ the separation of church and state,

that this great experiment has failed.

There is no recourse.
I don't see an escape route. I just want to say & not everyone will agree that democratic leaders & members of congress have done a stellar job. Not everyone seems to understand how difficult their job has been. From nuanced messaging to weighing the benefits/risks of litigation.
I have cringed at criticisms of them because for some reason I have understood the traps, pitfalls and ambushes that awaited them no matter how steady their footing. I have been punished for defending them. That's OK, I'm 🇨🇦 and we're built to take a beating!
A large portion of the population including their elected officials support & defend this toxic administration or can't be bothered to challenge it. Independent, critical thinking skills just aren't there. This feature made 🇺🇸 a choice target for 🇷🇺

Putin is winning.
I would be remiss to point out the organizations, groups & events that have helped to make this possible:

Finance campaign laws --> Citizens United
Demise of the FCC Fairness Doctrine
Erosion of Voting Rights Act
Failure to reform/abolish the EC
Failure to secure elections

Partisan judiciary and

Free speech laws (legitimize racist ideologies & conspiracy theories & create chaos)

#Oligarchs (foreign & domestic)

To name a few...
I'm afraid that your fragile democracy is inherently too weak to fight off the myriad of destructive, well organized groups.

By nature, democracy isn't fierce, but it's opponents are. Your democracy demands your engagement to stand up & fight fiercely in its defense.
I have to 'look away' for a while. I'm sorry that this thread predicts such a poor prognosis for your future. Unless and until the people exert their power in meaningful numbers and meaningful ways, my prediction will remain unchanged. Until then...
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