Programmed to Kill
by acclaimed author David McGowan

A fresh look at the lives of many of America's most notorious accused murderers, focusing on patterns that suggest there may be more to the average serial killer story than meets the eye.

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#YoungTurks of #Hollywood

Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Dennis Hopper and Warren Beatty (and others)

Jack had no birth certificate, until 1954, did not officially exist. ‚ÄėCertificate of a Delayed Report of Birth‚Äô filed May 24, 1954. p.70
#YoungTurks of #Hollywood

Bruce Dern w/daughter #LauraDern

As a baby, Bruce’s godparents were Eleanor Roosevelt and Dem pres. nominee Adlai Stevenson

Grandfather, George Dern, was Secretary of War/Defense under FDR
Bruce Dern's uncle, Archibald MacLeish, was Director of War Department’s Office of Facts & Figures and the Assistant Director of Office of War Information under FDR

class of 1915, one year before Prescott Bush was tapped in 1916 (p.67)
Young Turks of Hollywood

Peter Fonda (also pictured with sister Jane); their father, Henry, was a US Naval Intelligence officer that married women with interesting connections themselves.
Henry Fonda was the patriarch of a family of famous actors, including daughter Jane Fonda, son Peter Fonda, granddaughter Bridget Fonda, and grandson Troy Garity.

His family and close friends called him "Hank". wiki

Henry / Hank was married five times. (1HadHer ThroatSlashed)
Bridget Fonda -
Movie: Point Of No Return about an MKUltra trained assassin
Young Turks of Hollywood -

Dennis Hopper

Dennis' father was in the OSS.
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