Actually, Corbyn never made any statements or votes regarding the Bosnian genocide which happened in Bosnia from 92-95. He spoke against the NATO bombing in Serbia during the Kosovo ethnic cleansing which happened in Kosovo in ‘99 & signed an EDM re: Kosovo in 2004.
While there were many Russian foreign fighters during the Bosnian genocide who contributed to the war & genocide, Russia as a country did not want to burn bridges w/ the West at the time & even contributed NATO fighters to be dispatched to Bosnia.
In 2018, Jeremy Corbyn did send out this statement to inter-faith leaders in the UK that were commemorating the Bosnian genocide.
I do think Corbyn should be critized for signing the EDM that praises John Pilger, a notorius genocide denier, however even the language in that particular EDM focuses more on the human cost of intervention rather than downplaying the war crimes committed by Serbian forces.
When Corbyn was pictured with Bosnian genocide denier Marcus Papadopoulos, people were rightfully outraged. As was I. At the time my husband withdrew his membership from the Labour party and we sent a letter explaining the damaging effects of genocide denial to Corbyn.
So, it’s not that I think Corbyn is perfect or without critique on this issue. I think the conflation of his stance on the Bosnian & Kosovo wars and genocide is a useful propaganda tool now. But I’d like to remind that the UK, as w/ most of Europe had a horrible stance on Bosnia.
As a genocide survivor, I am constantly urging those on the left to not fall into the trap of ignoring, denying, or minimizing genocide due to misinformation & partisan pledges. But bringing up Corbyn’s stance on Kosovo when he was backbencher of no importance is misplaced now.
The biggest issue of genocide denial on the left re: Bosnia & Kosovo stems from a place of ignorance rather than sheer malice. The innacurate portrayal of Milosevic as a socialist, rather than a neo-conservative that utilised ethno-nationalism as a way to stay in power.
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