Today I stumbled on my very first #query (that has since been, not at all surprisingly, rejected).

Friends, it was... very bad.

But here's the thing. It SEEMED good. I did all the stuff you're supposed to. I had other people read it. I researched. I tried SO hard. (Contin.)
I was PROUD of that query. It took hours. Sweat, tears, anxiety galore.

The thing is, it's all well and good to be told to "make it your best attempt because you only get one try" because yeah, don't half-ass it. But keep in mind that as with anything, you'll get BETTER.
My query now is so much better than my initial query. I'm on (I think?) my fifth version of major changes (setting aside personalization for each). But the thing is, I never would have gotten to this version without doing that first version. I had to start somewhere.
I made the mistake of sending that initial query to many of my dream agents. It's a tough lesson to learn. They turned me down and hey, I'm not shocked and I don't blame them a bit.

Sure, it stings a bit to realize I could have done better.
But you know what REALLY would sting? If I'd never started at all. If I'd sat back and hoped and dreamed about being published but was too scared to try.

Don't self-reject.

Don't throw away your shot.
Sure, I don't have an agent yet. I may never have one.

But I have improved tons.

I've had more requests and more interest from my improved queries and pitches. All things need practice and learning. Even querying. ESPECIALLY querying.
So don't give up #AmQuerying friends. The right agent is probably out there waiting for you to find them at the right time with the right pitch. But until you try, you'll never know.

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(Also, side note on "dream agents"-- I think I've told my betas about a dozen times now that I found the "perfect" agent to query. Accept you may not sign with your very first "dream" agent but that there are lots of future "dream" agents waiting for you. Don't give up!)
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